Enhanced Master Gunsmithing Course

Learn how to set up your gunsmithing business and add specialized skills, including firearms appraisal and get a complete set of tools.

Do you want to set up a gunsmithing business? The Enhanced Master Gunsmithing Course teaches you everything you need to know plus a complete set of gunsmithing tools you will need as a Gunsmith.

A number of our students wanted everything needed for doing gun repairs and basic customizing in a small home size shop, without having to spend a lot of money or shop around in dozens of different stores.

So, we interviewed our top Master Gunsmithing Instructors, and they recommended the tools that we include in this course. If you want to get started fast without breaking the bank, this course will help you accomplish that goal.

Course Objective

The Enhanced Master Gunsmithing Course is designed to teach students how to set up a gunsmithing business and begin doing repairs and customization from their own shop.

Course Description

In addition to everything included in the Professional Gunsmithing – Level 1, Level 2 and Master Gunsmithing Courses, the Enhanced Master Gunsmithing Course includes:

  • Expansion Modules: (additional 100 hours of fully indexed firearms training and reference DVDs)
  • Pistols—over 65 additional handguns covered in depth
  • Rimfire Rifles—dozens of additional models covered, Shotguns—over 30 additional shotgun models and systems
  • Firearms Appraiser Course—make money appraising guns
  • Design, Function and Repair Live Courses— a series of classes that were recorded
  • Complete DVD library of 58 different Armorer Courses
  • Personalized Gunsmithing website—help jump start your business
  • 3 different weeks of hands-on in-classroom training certificates with American Gunsmithing Institute’s instructors (good for 3 years)

Gunsmithing Tool Set

With the Enhanced Master Gunsmithing Course you also get our complete tool package listed below:

  • Gunsmith’s Bench Block
  • Thread Gauge
  • Safety Glasses  
  • Needle File Set
  • Nicholson Professional File Set  
  • Dental Pick Set  
  • Pliers Set and Diagonal Cutter
  • Plastic Mallet
  • Bench Top Lathe 7” x12” (ideal for general gunsmithing, you will be able to turn threads, set back pistol barrels, make firing pins and hundreds of other repairs)
  • 6” Wire Wheel  
  • Belt Sander with Disc Sander (for fitting, polishing parts, and installing recoil pads)  
  • Bench Grinder and Wire Brush  Bench Top Drill Press  
  • Gunsmithing Bench Vise (a solid vise with wide parallel jaws)  
  • Fordem Hand Grinder with Cutters and Bits, including Flex Shaft, Handle and Variable Speed Foot Control  
  • Oxy-Acetylene Torch, Tip and Regulator Kit (tanks not included)  
  • Gun Coat Airbrush Metal Finishing Kit (refinish firearms with multi-color state of the art finishes)
  • AGI Oil Mat
  • AGI Hand Tool Set:
    • Complete Set of Gunsmithing Screw Drivers  
    • Brass Punch Set  
    • Steel Pin Punch Set  
    • 2-ounce Ball Pein Hammer  
    • 4-ounce Ball Pein Hammer
  • Precision Tools:
    • Digital Calipers  
    • Laser Bore Sighting System (for collimating scopes)  
    • Electronic Trigger Pull Gage

And More:

  • Rifle Holding Cleaning Fixture and Cradle  
  • Gun Parts Corp Reference Manual  
  • Brownells’ Gunsmith’s Tool Catalog  
  • 6”x1/2” Norton Trigger & Sear Stones  
  • Screw Gizzie (for grinding screws to fit)  
  • Gunsmith Parallel Jaw Pliers  
  • Mauser Bolt Extractor Pliers  
  • And other goodies

*The tools in this package are representative but models, manufacturers or items are subject to availability and change without notice.

Testing and Certificate Requirements

No additional testing required for the Enhanced Master Gunsmithing Course beyond what is specified for the Master Gunsmithing Course, as it is only to provide students with value-added equipment to add to the trades covered in the courses.