AGI Instructors

The American Gunsmithing Institute retains instructors who have the academic, experiential and/or professional qualifications to teach, including a minimum of three years of experience, education and training in current practices of the subject area they are teaching, or equivalent minimum qualifications. Equivalent qualifications may include professional licenses and/or certifications customary to the subject being taught, vast work experience in the subject being taught, with a demonstrated ability to teach based on faculty review involving screen testing, professional tests and interviews.

Students may freely interact with our video experts whenever they have technical questions related to their course. Students will receive responses and/or a telephone call within 3 days, if not sooner. Any student project work required for a course as part of their course will be responded to within 10 days.

Robert “Bob” Dunlap

Master Gunsmith Robert Bob Dunlap, senior instructor, AGI, is a widely respected authority in the firearms industry who has taught thousands of students in professional gunsmithing over the last 30 years. Bob was a Gunsmith instructor at Lassen College for 25 years. He has also participated as an instructor for more than 20 years in the NRA Summer Gunsmithing Programs.

Bob has designed improvements currently used in several firearms being manufactured by various American arms manufacturers. He still offers his expertise as a consultant to several firearms manufacturers. Bob has offered his expertise in more than 20 homicides as an expert witness in cases involving firearms.

For more than 35 years, he has operated a fully staffed gunsmithing shop that has been a warranty station for almost every major firearms manufacturer including: Browning, Colt, Charter Arms, High Standard, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Mossberg, Winchester and more than a dozen others. In this course, students will learn the secrets that have taken him 35 years and more than 250,000 gun repairs to discover

Darrell Holland

An instructor with over 38 years of experience as a Master Gunsmith, Machinist, Designer and Inventor, Mr. Holland is well known among varmint hunters and tactical rifle shooters as a superb custom rifle builder, writer and speaker. He builds some of the tightest shooting rifles in existence. Darrell is always inventing new performance shooting products, and he is constantly pushing the envelope with regards to integrating the latest technology and ideas into his rifle designs to increase accuracy and improve reliability.

Gene Shuey

With 40 years’ experience, Gene Shuey is a world class custom gun builder, former world class competitive shooter and current trainer as well. A Master Gunsmith specializing in 1911 pistols, glock pistols, IPSC limited and open class guns, and high-end custom Mausers, Mr. Shuey has contributed a lifetime of knowledge and information to AGI’s gunsmithing courses.

T.R. Graham

T.R. Graham is a known authority, author, and gunsmith specializing in Glocks and other handguns. An NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, T.R. has worked in all facets of the civilian firearms industry including research and development, public relations, manufacturing, instruction, and gunsmithing. His personal training includes instruction and certification from several manufacturers on their weapons.

Robert “Bob” Rizzetto

Mr. Rizzetto has more than 38 years of experience in the welding trade and is a credentialed Welding Instructor. Because of his thorough training and experience, he understands exactly what is happening when students are welding and how to explain it to the student in a detailed, yet easy, way to understand. He enjoys teaching and introducing students to the amazing, demanding, yet rewarding world of welding.

Ken Brooks

A graduate of, and former instructor at, the renowned Gunsmithing Program at Lassen College, Mr. Brooks works full time with Bob Dunlap at their shop in Coquille, Oregon. Ken also hosts online bi-weekly webcast technical classes for our gunsmithing students. When Bob Dunlap retires from teaching the Professional Gunsmithing and Master Courses at AGI, he plans on turning his entire operation over to Ken because he has developed into such a great design, function, and repair gunsmith. Ken has over 24 years of experience as a gunsmith and over 18 years of experience as an instructor

Gene Kelly, President, AGI

Gene is president and founder of American Gunsmithing Institute. He graduated from the renowned Gunsmithing program at Lassen College, where Bob Dunlap was his instructor. Gene worked as a professional gunsmith and saw a need for gunsmithing DVD courses to preserve this vital information. He contacted Mr. Dunlap who was retiring from Lassen College and American Gunsmithing Institute was born. With over 20 years’ of experience in gunsmithing, tens of thousands of gun owners and professional gunsmiths have benefited from his efforts to preserve the trade. Gene develops instructional videos, firearm and product evaluations, and answers gunsmithing questions from our AGI students and Gun Club of America on our monthly webcasts.

John Bush

With over 37 years of experience, Mr. John Bush is a Master Armorer and has a long and colorful connection with the firearms trade. He has traveled the world as a consultant to manufacturers and importers of military firearms and is certified as an Expert Witness in firearm cases.

Mark Foster

Mark graduated from the Lassen College Gunsmithing program where he studied with Gene Kelly and Darrell Holland under Bob Dunlap. Sgt. Foster has over 30 years of gunsmithing experience and is a 20 year veteran of a California county Sheriff ’s Dept. where he is the Chief Armorer and Training Officer.

Jack Landis

Has been building, repairing, and modifying guns for over 50 years.  A graduate of 20 consecutive summers at the NRA Summer Gunsmithing Programs at Lassen and Yavapai Colleges, he saved up so many projects to do there each year that Lassen created a new course called “Special Projects”.

After 30 years in the security industry, he went to work for AGI in 2005 where his broad knowledge and logical problem-solving abilities resulted in his becoming the Tech Services Manager and “Go To” person for student and customer technical questions on the courses, content, and test questions. He has watched every minute of AGI’s videos and does the final proof on all new material. He does instructional videos, firearm and product evaluations, and answers Gunsmithing questions from our AGI students and Gun Club of America on our monthly webcasts.