Master Gunsmithing Course

Learn how to take your hobby and turn it into a business.

Course Objective

In Master Gunsmithing, you will learn advanced skills and techniques, including welding, that will enable you to become a master of your craft.

Course Description

The Master Gunsmithing Course includes everything from Professional Gunsmithing Level 1 and Level 2 courses, plus it includes the complete Welding Course, with materials and shop manuals (22 hours).

We also include the following bonus educational videos: 

  • 1911 Pistolsmith Course with testing, certificate and patch
  • Glocksmith Course with testing, certificate and patch
  • AR-15/M4 Riflesmith Course with testing, certificate and patch
  • How to Rebarrel, “Blueprint,” and Tune Military Mauser Rifle Actions DVD
  • How to Build a Semi-Auto G-3, HK-91 & CETME Rifle DVD
  • and more!

Plus The Business Success Tool Kit Series™:

Contained in this 12-audio CD set are the core secrets to operating any successful and profitable business. Hosted by American Gunsmithing Institute’s President and successful entrepreneur Gene Kelly, along with Professional Business Coach April Palmer, this course reveals:  

  • Step 1: Goal Setting that Works: The Designer Lifestyle and Business Vision You Always Wanted, but Didn’t Think You Could Have
  • Step 2: Getting the Results You Want: Productivity and Profits Through a High-Performance Environment
  • Step 3: How to Survive an Economic Slump (or any business cycle change): Making Sound Financial Decisions in Difficult Times 
  • Step 4: How to Attract Business Like a Magnet: Creating the Promise That Sells!  
  • Step 5: Advertising and PR That Works!: Knocking Down the Door to Do Business With You  
  • Step 6: Turning Your Highest Sales per Customer: Giving Them Reasons to Buy, and Buy More!
  • Step 7: Making Your Business Plan Come Alive!: Turning Great Ideas Into Action The

Information Package: 6 CDs covering topics to advance your success even more.

  • Interviews with American Gunsmithing Institute instructors and “How-to” information on shop set-up, flow, problem-solving, traps to avoid and more.  
  • Exclusive gunsmithing first-ever Flat Rate Job Book (so you will immediately be the expert and know with confidence how much you should charge for your work).  
  • “Tax Secrets that ‘THEY’ Don’t Want You to Know About” audio CD. This video reveals what type of business structure you should consider having to protect yourself, what kinds of things can you write off, how many of your current expenses (rent, vehicle, gas, ammo, telephone, computer, travel and more) could be deductible on your taxes.

Note: The Business Success Tool Kit Series™ and the Informational Package are bonus products included in the Master Gunsmithing Course and do not include certification testing. (11 hours)

Plus three more bonus educations videos:

  • 1911 Pistolsmith Course
  • AR-15/M4 Riflesmith Course
  • Glocksmith Course

Testing and Certificate Requirements

Upon completing each of the 8 segments in the Master Gunsmithing Course, (Introduction to Gunsmithing, Pistolsmithing, Shotguns,.22 Rimfire Rifles, Centerfire Rifles, Machine Shop Theory, Machine Shop Practical and Welding), you will take an examination to test your knowledge. When you pass each exam with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive your certificate for that portion of the course.