Professional Gunsmithing – Level 2

This advanced course is designed to teach you to work faster and provide more services as a professional gunsmith.

Course Objective

In Professional Gunsmithing – Level 2 you will learn how firearms are designed, how they function and how to repair them.

Course Description

Professional Gunsmithing – Level 2 includes everything in Professional Gunsmithing – Level 1: 108 hours of detailed, step-by-step video instruction by Master Gunsmith Robert (Bob) Dunlap on DVD. The course is divided into five sections:

  • Introduction to Gunsmithing
  • Pistols and Revolvers
  • Shotguns
  • .22 Rimfire Rifles
  • Centerfire Rifles

We also include the following bonus educational videos with Professional Gunsmithing – Level 2:

  • Cowboy Action Armorer Course with testing, certificate and patch
  • Custom Barrel Bolt Action Rifles DVD
  • Understanding, Selecting & Buying a Rifle and Pistol Scopes DVD
  • Building the Custom Mauser Rifle DVD
  • Professional Gunsmithing Metal Finishing DVD
  • Professional Trigger Jobs and Systems DVD
  • Case Hardening and Heat Treating DVD
  • Making Coil & Flat Springs DVD
  • Certificate for one week of small group hands-on in-classroom training with Master Gunsmiths Bob Dunlap or Ken Brooks (good for 3 years)

Learn sitting by the side of the master… a Day at the Bench with Bob Dunlap

What if you could spend a day at the bench looking over a master gunsmith’s shoulder as he explains, not only what he is doing, but also what he is thinking as he works through a series of real repairs.

After learning complete design, function and repair as part of the Level 2 Course, you will have the rare opportunity to get inside the mind of Bob Dunlap and understand exactly how he thinks through a gunsmithing problem. This training will take your professionalism to the next level. You will spend the equivalent of an entire day looking over Bob’s shoulder as he works on everything from a Luger Pistol to an Italian copy of a Winchester ‘73.

He talks to you about his thought process, how to diagnose problems and make repairs. Bob also shares with you his philosophy on setting up a shop. This is 4-1/2 hours of additional instruction packed with exclusive insider information.

Included with Professional Gunsmithing – Level 2 is a complete machine shop course with materials and shop manuals

To expand your Gunsmithing knowledge and ability to make repairs, this course also teaches you the next set of skills you will want to learn—general machine shop knowledge and how to operate a mill and lathe. You’ll learn how to completely set up and operate the lathe, vertical mill and other shop equipment. Containing over 30 hours of instruction on DVD, Master Riflesmith and Machinist Darrell Holland will teach you everything you need to know to start making your own gun parts. This is an extremely valuable addition to any gunsmith’s set of skills.

The complete Machine Shop Course comes with test materials and projects, along with a certificate. Includes books, prints and other materials.

Testing and Certificate Requirements

Upon completion of each course segment (Introduction to Gunsmithing, Pistolsmithing, Shotguns, .22 Rimfire Rifles, Centerfire Rifles, Machine Shop Theory and Machine Shop Practical), you will take an examination to test your knowledge. When you pass each exam with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive your certificate for that portion of the course.